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Thomas Welles (c. July 10, 1594 - January 14, 1660) was the only man in Connecticut history to hold all four top offices: governor, deputy governor, treasurer, and secretary. In 1639, he was elected as the first treasurer of the Colony of Connecticut, and from 1640 to 1649, he served as the colony's secretary. In this capacity, he transcribed the Fundamental Orders into the official colony records on January 24, 1639.

Welles was born in Warwickshire, England, around 1594 as the son of Robert Welles and Alice Robert Hunt. Welles immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and came to Connecticut with Reverend Thomas Hooker. After serving in many official capacities, he held the position of deputy governor until his death.

Welles died on January 14, 1660 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. It is thought that he is buried there, but his remains could have been transferred to Hartford.


Welles married first to Alice Tomes on September 28, 1615. She died in the 1640s.

  • John Welles - m. Elizabeth Bourne
  • Thomas Welles - m. Hannah Tuttle
  • Samuel Welles - m. (1) Elizabeth Hollister (2) Hannah Lamberton
  • Anne Welles - m. (1) Thomas Thompson (2) Anthony Hawkins
  • Sarah Welles - m. John Chester
  • Mary Welles - m. Timothy Baldwin

Welles married second to Elizabeth Deming, widow of Nathaniel Foote.