Susannah Newton (September 20, 1654 - July 20, 1703) was a resident of Milford, Connecticut.

Newton was born on September 20, 1654 in Farmington, Connecticut, as the daughter of Roger Newton and Mary Hooker. She grew up in Farmington and removed to Milford, Connecticut, after her first marriage in the 1670s. She settled down there to start a family and remained there until her death decades later.

On July 20, 1703, Newton died in Milford, Connecticut.


Newton married first to John Stone. He died in 1686 in Milford, Connecticut.

  • Ezekial Stone - m. Hannah Merwin
  • Samuel Stone - unmarried.
  • John Stone, Jr. - unmarried.
  • Susannah Stone - died young.

Newton married second to Samuel Burwell.

  • Susannah Burwell - m. John Fowler
  • John Burwell - m. Susannah Baldwin
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