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Sarah Ann Swan (February 23, 1799-) was a resident of Stonington, Connecticut.

Swan was born on February 23, 1799 in Stonington, Connecticut, as the daughter of Captain Thomas Swan and Fanny Palmer. After her marriage, she settled in Stonington to start a family, where she remained for several decades until her death.


Swan married Gurdon Trumbull on May 1, 1817 in Stonington, Connecticut.

  • James Hammond Trumbull - m. Sarah Robinson
  • Henry Clay Trumbull - m. Alice Gallaudet
  • Gurdon Trumbull, Jr. - m. Annie F. Niles
  • Annie Trumbull - m. Edward Slosson
  • Mary Hollister Trumbull - m. William Cowper Prime
  • Charles E. Trumbull
  • Thomas Swan Trumbull - unmarried.