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Samuel Steele (March 25, 1652 - January 2, 1709) was a resident of Farmington, Connecticut, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Steele was born on March 25, 1652 in Farmington, Connecticut, as the son of John Steele, Jr. and Mary Warner, who was the daughter of Andrew Warner and Mary Humphrey of Hadley, New Hampshire. He grew up in the area, especially Hartford, Connecticut, and married in 1680.

Steele died in Hartford, Connecticut on January 2, 1709.


Steele married Mercy Bradford on September 16, 1680.

  • Thomas Steele - m. Susannah Webster
  • Abiel Steele - m. Elisha Webster
  • Daniel Steele - m. Mary Hopkins
  • Eliphalet Steele - m. Catherine Marshfield
  • Samuel Steele
  • Jerusha Steele
  • William Steele