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Samuel Hooker, Jr. (May 29, 1661 - 1730) was a merchant in Hartford, Connecticut.

Hooker was born on May 29, 1661 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, as the son of Samuel Hooker and Mary Willet. He grew up in Plymouth and removed to Hartford, Connecticut, after his marriage in 1687. He had a fine residence, next south of the old burial ground at Farmington, Connecticut, the place later known as the Mix house. He was engaged in mercantile business in Hartford for many years.

Hooker died in 1730 in Hartford, Connecticut.


Hooker married Mehetable Hamlin on June 28, 1687 in Middletown, Connecticut.

  • Samuel Hooker - m. (1) Mercy Leete (2) Mary Elliot
  • Giles Hooker - m. Martha Cooke
  • Thomas Hooker - m. Hannah Wells
  • William Hooker - m. (1) Lydia Woodward (2) Anna Steele (3) Abigail Phelps (4) Esther
  • Esther Hooker - m. Isaac Stiles
  • Mehitable Hooker - m. Daniel Colt
  • Richard Hooker