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Samuel Burwell (bapt. October 11, 1640 - May 15, 1715) was a resident of Milford, Connecticut, and a Lieutenant.

Burwell was born and baptized on October 11, 1640 in Milford, Connecticut, as the son of John Burwell and Alice. After his first marriage, he settled in Milford, where he remained for several decades.

Burwell died in Milford, Connecticut, on May 15, 1715.


Burwell married first to Sarah Fenn. She died in 1686.

  • Samuel Burwell - m. Deborah Merwin
  • Sarah Burwell
  • Mary Burwell - m. Joshua Lobdell
  • Joseph Burwell
  • John Burwell

Burwell married second to Susannah Newton in 1687.

  • Susannah Burwell - m. John Fowler
  • John Burwell - m. Susannah Baldwin