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Roger Newton.

Roger Newton (unknown - June 7, 1683) was the first minister of Farmington, Connecticut.

Newton was born in the early 1600s as the son of Samuel Newton. He immigrated to colonial America and was a member of the Senior Class of Harvard College in 1640. There, he studied theology with ReverendThomas Hooker. Newton founded the church at Farmington, Connecticut in October 1652, and was its first minister. About a month later, his wife joined the church. He remained there as the minister of the church until 1657, when he was dismissed and sent to Boston in October 1657 to embark for England. It was supposed that he did go to England and after remaining there some time, he returned to New England and settled in Milford, Connecticut. However, later research has led searchers to believe that after he prepared to go, the ship left without him, and he remained in New England until he was called to Milford.

On August 22, 1660, he was installed at Milford, Connecticut, and remained over the church as its second pastor until his death on June 7, 1683. He was buried at Milford Cemetery.


Newton married Mary Hooker in 1644 in Hartford County, Connecticut.