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Roger Hooker (September 17, 1710 - May 25, 1774) was a resident of Farmington, Connecticut.

Hooker was born on September 17, 1710 in Farmington, Connecticut, as the son of John Hooker and Abigail Stanley. He grew up in Farmington and attended the local schools. He was a favorite son of his father, and accompanied him upon his official journeyings around the Colony of Connecticut. When he married first in 1740, he brought his wife to his father's house and continued his residence there. He undoubtedly received from his father full information about the origin of the family and the English connections.

On May 25, 1774, Hooker died in Farmington, Connecticut.


Hooker married first to Mercy Hart on January 29, 1740. She died in Farmington, Connecticut on August 26, 1745.

  • Sarah Hooker - m. Jonathan Leavitt
  • Thomas Hart Hooker - m. Sarah Whitman
  • Sarah Hooker - died young.

Hooker married second to Anna Kellogg.

  • Elnathan Hooker - m. (1) Amy Newell (2) Nancy Payne
  • Roger Hooker - m. Mary Treadwell
  • Mercy Hooker - m. Simeon Newell
  • Lucina Hooker - m. Isaac Cowles
  • John Hooker - died young.
  • Martin Hooker - died young.