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Founder's Memorial in Hartford, Connecticut.

Richard Seymour (bapt. January 27, 1604 - Autumn 1655) was one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut.

Seymour was born and baptized on January 27, 1604 in Hertfordshire, England, as the son of Robert Seymour and Elizabeth Waller. He removed to Hartford, Connecticut in colonial America in 1639 and received land "by the courtesie of the town" on the east side of the road to North Main Street, bounded on the north by the cow pasture. He was chosen as chimney viewer in 1647 and was one of the signers of the agreement for planting Norwalk, Connecticut on June 19, 1650. Soon after, he removed there with the first planters and became a selectman in Norwalk on March 29, 1655. In Norwalk, his home lot was opposite the meeting house and parade ground.

Seymour died in the autumn of 1655 in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Seymour married Mercy Ruscoe in England on April 18, 1631.

  • Thomas Seymour - m. (1) Hannah Marvin (2) Elizabeth LastName
  • John Seymour - m. Mary Watson
  • Zechariah Seymour - m. Mary Gritt
  • Richard Seymour - m. Hannah Woodruff