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Mehetable Hamlin (November 17, 1664 - January 29, 1749) was a resident of Middletown and Hartford, Connecticut.

Hamlin was born on November 17, 1664 in Middletown, Connecticut, as the daughter of Giles Hamlin and Esther Crow. Her father as a noted and wealthy sea captain and merchant of Middletown, and her mother was a daughter of John Crow, a merchant and founder of Hartford, Connecticut. After her marriage in 1687, she settled in Hartford, Connecticut, where she raised a family from 1688 to 1706. She remained there for many decades.

On January 29, 1749, Hamlin died in Connecticut.


Hamlin married Samuel Hooker on June 28, 1687 at Middletown, Connecticut.

  • Samuel Hooker - m. (1) Mercy Leete (2) Mary Elliot
  • Giles Hooker - m. Martha Cooke
  • Thomas Hooker - m. Hannah Wells
  • William Hooker - m. (1) Lydia Woodward (2) Anna Steele (3) Abigail Phelps (4) Esther
  • Esther Hooker - m. Isaac Stiles
  • Mehitable Hooker - m. Daniel Colt
  • Richard Hooker