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Martha Huntington Williams (March 12, 1828 - May 31, 1907) was a resident of Hartford, Connecticut, and the author of childrens' stories. She was also active in many charities and a director and organizer of the Women's Aid Society. She was descended from many prominent family lines.

Williams was born in East Hartford, Connecticut on March 12, 1828 as the daughter of Solomon Williams and Martha Baker. Her early life was spent in Manchester, Connecticut, where as the youngest of a large family of brothrs and sisters, she learned the affectionate consideration for others, which was a marked characteristic of her life. After her marriage in 1862, she moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and connected herself with the First Church and was among the early workers in leading charities. She also took an active interest in the cause of temperance. She became a director and organizer of the Women's Aid Society, in which she labored for many years. She was president of the first free kindergarten in Hartford.

After the death of her husband in 1888, she spent some time traveling abroad with her children and since her return, lived in Hartford. On May 31, 1907, Williams died at her home in Hartford, Connecticut, surrounded by her family, as her health had been failing for two months prior.


Williams married Bryan Edward Hooker on May 14, 1862.

  • Edward Williams Hooker - m. Mary Mather Turner
  • Thomas William Hooker - m. Lowa Bedell
  • Robert Huntington Hooker - died young.