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Martha Fenn (bapt. July 7, 1650) was a resident of Milford, Connecticut.

Fenn was born in 1650 and baptized on July 7, 1650 as the daughter of Benjamin Fenn and Sarah Baldwin. She grew up in Milford, Connecticut. After her marriage in 1669, she settled there with her husband to start a family between 1671 and 1689.

Fenn died in Milford, Connecticut, most likely in the 1690s.


Fenn married Samuel Newton on March 14, 1669.

  • Susanna Newton - m. Joseph Plumbe
  • Samuel Newton, Jr. - m. Phebe Platt
  • Thomas Newton - m. Mary Baldwin
  • Roger Newton - m. Susanna Bryan
  • Sarah Newton - m. (1) Daniel Miles (2) Jonathan Ingersoll
  • Abner Newton - m. Mary Burwell
  • Martha Newton
  • Mary Newton