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John Wilson, Jr. (September 1621 - August 23, 1691) was a famous preacher in Medfield, Massachusetts.

Wilson was born in September 1621 in London, England as the son of Rev. John Wilson of the First Church of Boston, and Elizabeth Mansfield. He came with his father to New England in 1630 and graduated from Harvard College in 1642. He was ordained and settled with Cotton Mather at Dorchester. After his marriage around 1647, he removed to Medfield, Massachusetts, in 1651, where he became a famous preacher, and remained there for many years. He was considered the first minister of Medfield.

On August 23, 1691, Wilson died at Medfield, Massachusetts.


Wilson married Sarah Hooker around 1647.

  • Sarah Wilson - m. (1) Paul Batt (2) Josiah Torrey
  • Elizabeth Wilson - m. Thomas Weld
  • John Wilson - m. Sarah Newton
  • Susanna Wilson - m. Grindal Rawson
  • Thomas Wilson - died young.
  • Elizabeth Wilson - died young.
  • John Wilson - died young.
  • Thomas Wilson - died young.