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Cheney's home on Forest Road, 1903.

John Sherwood Cheney (April 15, 1827 - March 12, 1910) was a State Senator from Manchester, Connecticut, and a manager of the Cheney Brothers Silk Industry.

Cheney was born on April 15, 1827 in Manchester, Connecticut, as the son of George Wells Cheney and Mary Cheney. The death of his father came when he was only 14 years old, and he was thrown upon his own resources at a very early age. He showed a tendency to travel and at the age of 18, he went to New York, where he remained for a year, engaged in mercantile pursuits. In 1847, he became a commercial man and drove a team from New York to New Orleans and back, twice. On returning to New York in 1848 and learning of the discovery of gold in California, he decided to seek his fortune in the gold fields and in December 1848, he sailed from New York for California on the Pacific, going by way of Cape Horn. He reached California on January 23, 1849. He remained there until 1852 when he sailed for the Sandwich Islands, as they were known in those days. While in California, he held several civic positions. With the reports of gold being discovered in Australia, he sailed for that country in 1853. He remained in Australia until late in 1856 when he started for home, arriving there in the early part of 1857.

He lived in Creswick, Australia from 1858 to 1864, where he served as mayor and met his wife, an English woman. On returning to Manchester, Connecticut in 1864, he entered the employ of Cheney Brothers Silk Industry, under the care of his uncle, Ward. He helped manage the departments given to his care. For many more years, he was connected with the town schools and was chairman of the Ninth District School Committee from 1895 until 1906.

On March 12, 1910, Cheney died at his home on Forest Street in South Manchester, Connecticut.


Cheney married Ellen Coates on February 25, 1861.

  • William C. Cheney
  • Sherwood A. Cheney
  • Elizabeth Cheney - m. Clifford Cheney
  • Emily Cheney - unmarried.