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John Hopkins (1613 - 1654) was one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut, and a member of Thomas Hooker's company in Massachusetts that removed to Connecticut. He was also the great-grandfather of the Reverend Samuel Hopkins.

Hopkins was born in England in 1613, and traveled to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1633. He took the oath of Freemen there on March 4, 1634. At the time of his residence in Cambridge, he lived on what is now the southwest corner of Dennis and Mt. Auburn Streets. He removed to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1636 as a member of the Hooker Colony, so named for Thomas Hooker. He was an original proprietor of Hartford, and a townsman there in 1640. He also served as a juror in 1643. He married his wife Jane and they had two children.

In 1654, he died and the inventory of his estate was taken. It is also probable that he was a member of the Hooker Church that came from Chelmsford, England, in 1632 and settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts entirely.


Hopkins married a woman named Jane.