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Jeremy Adams (c. 1604 - August 11, 1683) was one of the first settlers of Hartford. He was the founder and first proprietor of Colchester, Connecticut, which was established on land owned by Adams, known as Jeremiah's Farme.

Adams was born around 1604 in England and arrived in Massachusetts around 1632 with Rev. Thomas Hooker. He first arrived in New England at Braintree, Massachusetts, with his brother Henry. Before coming to America, Adams was a Puritan minister of the Church of Chelmsford, Essex. He became a freeman in Cambridge in 1635 and moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1636 as one of the original proprietors of the settlement. He was constable in 1639 and the official inn-keeper of the colony, which was used as the meeting place for the legislative body of the colony. On April 5, 1638, he was sent with Captain Mason on an expedition to the Warranocke Indians to trade for corn. In 1660, he was the only resident of the colony allowed to sell wine or liquor. Some of the land he owned is now occupied by buildings of Harvard University, and another is now part of Trinity College in Hartford. His home-lot in 1639 was on the highway now known as Elm Street.

On August 11, 1683, Adams died in Hartford.


Adams married first to Rebecca, widow of Samuel Greenhill. She died in 1678.

  • Ann Adams - m. Robert Sandford
  • Hannah Adams - m. Nathaniel Willet
  • John Adams - unmarried.
  • Hester Adams - unmarried.
  • Sarah Adams - unmarried.
  • Samuel Adams - died young.

Adams married second to Rebecca Fletcher, widow of Andrew Warner, Jr.

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