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Henry Clay Trumbull (June 8, 1830 - December 8, 1903) was an American clergyman and author. He became a world famous editor, author, and pioneer of the Sunday School Movement.

Trumbull was born on June 8, 1830 in Stonington, Connecticut, as the son of Gurdon Trumbull and Sarah A. Swan. He was educated at Williston Northampton School. Poor health kept him from formal education past the age of fourteen, but he was eventually awarded honorary degrees from Yale, Lafayette College, and the New York University. In 1851, he had a religious conversion experience and found employment as a clerk in Hartford, Connecticut, with the Hartford, Providence, and Fishkill Railroad. In 1852, he joined the Congregationalist church and became the superintendent of a mission Sunday school under the Connecticut State Sunday School Association. After trying a few different jobs, he became the state Sunday school missionary for Connecticut in 1858. During the American Civil War, he served as chaplain of the 10th Connecticut Infantry Regiment and was captured at the battle of Fort Wagner in South Carolina in 1863.

After his military service, Trumbull became New England secretary for the American Sunday school Union. In 1875, he and his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he became an editor of the Sunday School Times, a position he held until his death. In 1881, he traveled to Egypt and Palestine to visit Biblical sites, and was known for his commitment to "personal evangelism."

On December 8, 1903, Trumbull died at his home at 4103 Walnut Street in Philadelphia after a stroke.


Trumbull married Alice Cogswell Gallaudet in 1854.

  • Katharine Trumbull - m. Samuel Scoville, Jr.
  • Charles Gallaudet Trumbull - m. Alice Van Orden
  • Mrs. John D. Wattles
  • Mrs. Robert P. Field
  • Mrs. John Sparhawk, Jr.
  • Mrs. Philip E. Howard