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The Founders of Hartford

Jeremy Adams William Gibbons John Pierce
Matthew Allyn Richard Goodman Thomas Porter
Francis Andrews William Goodwin Stephen Post
William Andrews Ozias Goodwin John Pratt
John Arnold Seth Grant William Pratt
Andrew Bacon George Grave John Purchas
John Barnard Bartholomew Greene Nathaniel Richards
Thomas Barnes Samuel Greenhill Thomas Richards
Robert Bartlett Thomas Gridley Richard Risley
John Baysey Samuel Hale Thomas Root
Thomas Beale Thomas Hale William Ruscoe
Nathaniel Bearding John Hall Nathaniel Ruscoe
Mary Betts Stephen Hart John Sable
John Bidwell William Hayden Thomas Scott
Richard Billing John Haynes Thomas Selden
Thomas Birchwood John Higginson Richard Seymour
Peter Blachford William Hills John Skinner
Thomas Blackley John Holloway Arthur Smith
Thomas Bliss, Sr. William Holton Giles Smith
Thomas Bliss, Jr. Thomas Hooker Thomas Spencer
William Blumfield Edward Hopkins William Spencer
James Bridgeman John Hopkins John Stanley
John Bronson Thomas Hosmer Thomas Stanley
Richard Bronson George Hubbard Thomas Stanton
Thomas Bull Thomas Hungerford Edward Stebbins
Thomas Bunce William Hyde George Steele
Benjamin Burr Jonathan Ince John Steele
Richard Butler Thomas Judd George Stocking
William Butler Ralph Keeler John Stone
Clement Chaplin Nathaniel Kellogg Samuel Stone
Dorothy Chester William Kelsey John Talcott
Richard Church Edward Lay Thomas Thompson
John Clarke William Lewis Thomas Upson
Nicholas Clarke Richard Lord Robert Wade
William Clarke Thomas Lord, Sr. William Wadsworth
James Cole Thomas Lord, Jr. Henry Wakeley
William Cornwell Richard Lyman James Wakeley
John Crow John Marsh Samuel Wakeman
John Cullick Matthew Marvin Nathaniel Ward
Philip Davis Reinold Marvin Andrew Warner
Fulke Davy John Maynard John Warner
Robert Day John Moody Richard Watts
Nicholas Desborough John Morris Richard Webb
Joseph Easton Benjamin Munn John Webster
William Edwards Thomas Munson Thomas Welles
Edward Elmer Joseph Mygatt William Westley
Nathaniel Ely Thomas Olcott William Westwood
James Ensign James Olmsted John White
Zachary Field John Olmsted Samuel Whitehead
Thomas Fisher Richard Olmsted William Whiting
John Friend William Pantry John Wilcox
Samuel Gardner William Parker Gregory Wolterton
Daniel Garret Paul Peck Thomas Woodford
John Gennings William Phillips George Wyllys

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