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Frank Cheney (July 5, 1817 - February 4, 1904) was a silk manufacturer in Manchester, Connecticut.

Cheney was born on July 5, 1817 in Manchester, Connecticut, as the son of George Cheney and Electa Woodbridge. He engaged in the manufacture of silk in a small way with his brother, Rush Cheney, as early as 1836, but for some years, the business was not successful and in 1849, Cheney removed to California, where his health was impaired by the privations which he underwent. He returned to Manchester, Connecticut, and in 1856, he again began the manufacture of silk in the form of thread, employing but a few hands and working in the mill with them. The business was successful and in 1872, the manufacture of spun silk in all its forms was begun. Since that time, repeated additions were made to the plant and Cheney, during his lifetime, saw it grow from its small beginning to an industry employing over 3,000 workers.

By 1897, Cheney was in feeble health, and an attack of pnuemonia left him in a poor condition. On February 4, 1904, Cheny died in Manchester, Connecticut.


Cheney married Susan Jarvis Cushing in 1853.

  • Frank Cheney - m. Florence Wade
  • Katherine Sedgwick Cheney - m. Gustavus Farley, Jr.
  • Paul Cheney - unmarried.
  • Mary Cheney - unmarried.
  • Alice Cheney - unmarried.