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Edward Jackson (September 12, 1672 - March 27, 1748) was a yeoman farmer in Newton, Massachusetts.

Jackson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the part that became Newton, on September 12, 1672 as the son of Seabeas Jackson. He inherited from his father 60 acres of land, beside a double share in the remainder of the estate. He operated mainly as a yeoman farmer.

On March 27, 1748, Jackson died in Newton, Massachusetts.


Jackson married Mary Newton.

  • Experience Jackson - m. John Tozer
  • Edward Jackson, Jr. - m. Abigail Gale
  • Isaac Jackson - m. Ruth Greenwood
  • Sarah Jackson - m. Philip Norcross
  • Seabas Jackson m. Abigail Patten
  • Michael Jackson - m. Phebe Patten
  • Jonathan Jackson - unmarried.
  • Anna Jackson - unmarried.